Image Processing and its effects

When we draw digital imaged through digital computer process, in computer science that process called digital image processing or image processing. Digital image processing carries out automatic processing, and it plays an important role in many aspect of our life, as well as in a wide variety of disciplines and fields in science & technology. Image processing mainly two types: digital image processing and analog image processing. The demand for a wide range of applications in agriculture, industry environment, military and medical science has increased day by day. The development of computers as well as mathematics are affected the digital image processing. Since 1973, Lenna is a test image used in the field of image processing. Lenna is a picture of the Swedish model Lena Soderberg, which was published in November 1972 of playboy magazine and that picture shot by photographer Dwight Hooker. The method which perform some operations on an image, to extract some useful information from it, that process is called image processing. Software helps to create endless situations for image processing. In general, they can be clustered into a few groups. In most cases, the application is not help to acquired image from the camera directly. Instead, it is preprocessed, to enhance the image according to the specific task. Example preprocessing are noise reduction as well as brightness and contrast enhancement. Some of these steps can be done directly by the camera itself and thus save CPU load on the host side. The use the camera as a measuring device, it must be calibrated to the physical world. Camera calibration can actually refer to two things: Geometric Calibration and Color Calibration.

Geometric Calibration we create a lens distortion & in Color Calibration we ensure an accurate reproduction of colors. When it comes to locating parts, usually matching is involved. This means looking for regions that are similar to or the same as a predefined template. This template can either be also an image or a geometric pattern which contains information, regarding edges & geometric features. These methods are called correlation pattern, matching & geometric pattern matching respectively. The main use of measurement with the help of image processing is in alignment or inspection applications.

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Correlation pattern matching and Geometric pattern matching are two process of image processing. One way to manage optical character recognition is by separating the characters in the image and comparing them with a set of templates. Then the software can convert the captured data into editable and searchable data.

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