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Engineering topics- Scopus Indexed Journals

Engineering is the creative application of mathematical methods, science and empirical evidence to the design, construction, innovation and maintenance of structures, materials, devices, systems, machines, processes and organizations. Engineering journal is not containing important research for pure engineering. It is of great importance to chemists, material scientists and physicists. An engineer is someone who identifies a problem and come up with a solution.

The best journal for engineering

The journal for engineering education

Energy, Science & Engineering

Engineering Science and Technology, an international journal

SAE international journal of Engines

European Journal of Computational Mechanics

Nature Nanotechnology

Advanced Materials

Engineering Journal writing tips

Sort your research result content as early as possible

Focus on the quality of your data presentation, not the quantity

Explain the theory behind the data

Cite the most current literature available

While you are preparing your engineering research content then you submit the file in scopus indexed journal site. Your file must be prepared using EJ’s template. The submitted manuscript must be in Microsoft Word of La TaX format, with a complete list of authors.

List of some reputed Journals of engineering

Annual Review of Psychology

Learning and Instruction



Frontiers in Neuroscience

Journal of Consumer Research

Journal of Advertising Research

Journal of Experimental Psychology

How can you do research in engineering?

Obtain a bachelor’s degree

Receive a professional Engineer license

Gain work experience

Consider getting and advanced degree

Do your research work on engineering Engineering is the systematic process of learning, observing, analyzing and building new technologies to design a product. Engineers focus on creating while Scientists observe the world. Engineering is more specific than science. But both fields require observation and analysis, though engineering deals with creating and working on already existing creations.